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Company Info

MacBoys Mac Repair "Experienced Certified" and qualified to help you (Over 25 years Experience). Although we currently do not service in-warranty or systems covered under the AppleCare Protection Plan, we provide system level repair services for all Macintosh computers and iPod/iPhone/iPad units. We have all current diagnostic tools as well, so if your warranty just ran out and your system stopped working for whatever reason, or you just need an upgrade we can fix it with all the latest and greatest.

Providing high quality repairs at very competitive reasonable prices is what we do best. Diagnostic fees are very cost effective and if you opt to repair your unit in the shop, the On-site Diagnosis is FREE!

Quick Service
Most Screen replacement can be done while you having Coffee in  Starbucks on the corner, we have 2 Floors of  FREE underground parking.
Macbook pro Mac book, & iMac repairs can be completed in 3Days or less depending on the repair needed. We are the most Experienced repair centre in Canada and carry an extensive list of inventory to meet your demands as well as those of the hundreds of vendors we supply. If you live outside our service areas we provide mail in service as well for all of Canada and United States.

Friendly Staff
At MacBoys.com we don't just fix broken Mac's, we create relationships with our customers for a much more personable experience. Our business has grown based on this philosophy and we enjoy going the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy and continue to spread the good word.

Quality Parts
In being Canada's most experienced repair centre, we are able to source the best quality OEM and aftermarket parts from China and the US. Our premium extended life Mac books Screen and hard drive will give you more Warranty than your original Screen and hard drive.

28 Year in Business

We started fixing Electronic Device Since 1989 and Macs in 2001(power Macintosh G3), iMac's iBook PowerBooks 2003, and macbook in 2006. We were the first company in Canada to repair iMac's (COMPONENT LEVEL CAPACITOR) and have far more knowledge than any other repair facility. Almost all of our competitors have less than 1 year of experience and only offer a fraction of our services. Since starting in 2004 we have repaired over 2800 Apple devices.

Experienced Techs
Our team consists of experienced electronic technicians, and Apple certified techs. We don't just replace part's we repair electronic components and circuitry when needed. We have a vast understanding of all inner workings of Logic board Hard Drive, Microprocessor, Panic Error, Graphic Card, Liquid Damaged, Fans running out of Standard, can repair almost any problem that may occur.

1-Year Warranty
Our Mac parts (Hard Drive, Screens, Rams) carry an industry leading up to 1-year warranty; most of our competitors have no warranty on their parts or services. Component level repair on no video Black screen Panic error on macbook pros Available. Extended warranty also available. Still not convinced?