We repair…Liquid spills, Cracked screen, Failed hard drives, Physical damage,Macs that won’t turn on Kernel Panic Error
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  • Is your AppleCare protection invalid? Has your Mac’s warranty expired? Does Genius Bar turn you away? Don’t panic !! help is at hand. We offer you professional and affordable service to match your needs and your budget. Our friendly and competent technician will be able to fix your problems and guide you. Even if you have spilt coffee or any liquid on the Mac, we can restore it and you can go back on the Warranty without any worries.
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One of our specialties is liquid damage repair. When coffee, soda, or water is spilled on a Mac, most companies quote prices that aren’t even worth considering! However, because of our direct relationship with part suppliers and Expert Mac Repair’s proprietary technology, we can repair your Mac at prices that make sense.

Our technicians are qualified—and we use original Apple parts—so Apple’s warranty remains intact.

So don’t hesitate—give us a call and get a no-obligation repair quote. We’ll give you quotes from our competitors, as well, so you can have the best possible repair experience and get your Mac working perfectly again.

xpertly performed repairs, upgrades, and in-home support are just a quick phone call away. If you’re not in Toronto, D.C., just ask for our complimentary FedEx service.

  1. Written by M.ettlinger on 27 Nov. 2010 from Toronto

    Kevin, I want to wish you the merriest of Christmas's! You have helped me BLOW my children's minds! They are both in shock and my wife is extremely happy with he white macbook! Thank you so very much!!!....Merry Christmas! ...Mark

  2. Written by MateoM on 30 Apr. 2010 from Montreal

    I am from France, was In Toronto for a guig, one night performance, went back to my hotel room, computer didn't want to start up!!! PANIC!!!!! than I got the chance to run into Kevin's website, thx god, he was there and available to repair my computer overnight! Yes Kevin saved my life today! thx! I will refer Kevin to anyone in Toronto that needs mac repair!! God price and green tea is there for you.

    and more,,,,,

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