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Legal Disclaimer

*Please Note*

-  Replacement of parts will have a manufacturer’s warranty and are the responsibility of the Original Supplier.

- A diagnostic charge of $.35 to $.95.00 (depending on the type of equipment) will apply for identifying the problem.

- All equipment, components or ordered material should be collected within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery agreed upon.

- A storage fee of $.2/- per day will be charged after a period of 14 days if the equipment is not picked up on the date of delivery agreed upon.

- If any item is not picked up within one month, it will be sent for recycling and no claim or responsibility is accepted by us.

- We do not deliver any goods personally and your equipment has to be picked up within the stipulated time period given above.

- We are not liable for loss of data, downtime, or loss of income during repairs.
- You are responsible for indemnifying us for any loss or expenses sustained by us, actions, claims, proceedings, that we have carried out for - ----you in good faith for fixing your machine.

- From date of repair:
     All Notebooks Under 3 years old 15 to 30 days warranty depend on the type of service or sales
All iPas/iPhones 15 Days Labour/ 30 Days part      All iBook 12” G32004 2005 and G4 Titanium are 15 Days warranty
     iMac G5 17" and 20" 15 days No warranty on older models
     No warranty on G3 And G4 Powermac,
     All MacPro/iMac/Powermac G5 15 Days.
     Hard drive replacement One Year Manufacturer's warranty
     Rams As per Manufacturer's warranty
     Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis